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Receiving the news that your child has Down's Syndrome can take time to adjust to.  Our parent volunteers understand more than anyone else the questions and concerns that you may be experiencing.  However you are feeling, we are here to support you in any way we can and to point you in the direction of reliable, up to date information.

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Dedicated Trustee supporting expectant and new parents

We have a dedicated trustee, Aggie Mackenzie-Brown, available for new and expectant parents to contact for support.

Whether you have received a pre-natal diagnosis or learnt that your baby has Down's Syndrome after they were born, the first weeks and months after receiving the news can be tough for you and your wider family.  Aggie is available for a chat on the phone or in person if you would like a friendly listening ear.

You can contact Aggie directly by emailing

Hospital packs

We are proud to be to able offer packs of information (plus a few goodies) to new parents which are distributed by local maternity units. 

These packs make new parents aware that Downright Perfect is here to support them as well as providing easy to read information from experts and pointing new parents in the direction of national organisations to turn to for further advice.

If you are a new parent in the Dorset area and did not receive a pack before leaving hospital, please get in touch. 

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Grandparent support

We understand that receiving the news that a baby has Down's Syndrome can take time to adjust to for the whole family.  Grandparents are likely to be wanting to support the parents whilst also dealing with their own concerns about their grandchild and the impact they may think the diagnosis may have on their child.

Our trustee, Gill Clark is Granny to Jojo and is happy to talk to other grandparents if you would like the opportunity to talk to someone who has been in your shoes.

You can contact Gill directly by emailing

Expectant & New Parents: News & Updates
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